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PACE (Programs for Academic & Career Excellence) is a privately held US / UK / UAE Consortium Group established in 2001. We offer a wide range of training programs (Management & Engineering, Petroleum, Oil & Gas), both in the Middle East and overseas. To date, we have trained thousands of various industry workers and managers. We believe that personal development is a by-product of several types of regular and purpose driven activities.
Our mission is to develop research designs and strategies in close partnership with our clients, to take over responsibility for results, to have excellence in content and execution of a project as well as long term customer satisfaction.
�Delivering quality products & services through multinational partnerships"
Maximizing your training investment
Apart from being specialists in their field, a pre-requisite for all PACE trainers are enthusiasm, passion, creativity and energy - with this they bring each and every course they deliver to life. Their passion is contagious and without fail delegates leave their PACE course motivated, inspired and highly charged for success.
Our Network
While PACE is an independent, we are part of a select, international network of over certified affiliates in over 15 countries. Our members share the same values, processes, approach and ongoing enrichment. The network provides both an invaluable, collaborative knowledge base and additional manpower as needed.
The close collaboration with international institutions and universities as well as practitioners from well-known companies guarantees a high degree of scientifically assured results and methods combined with experience and immediate feasibility.
We will accomplish our mission by providing opportunities for participants to experience personal growth via...

Self Study (Online Training � anywhere, anytime) Experiences

Large Group Experiences (Conferences & Forums)

Small Group Experiences (Classroom training and live, interactive, instructor-led training sessions & workshops)

One-on-One Experiences (Coaching, Mentoring, and Counseling)

What we do

We provide Management consultancy services to help organizations in optimizing their activities, introducing the changes in processes, adoption of new organizational structure or strategies. We are experienced in providing an independent assessment of complex organizations, supporting the management of changes as well as developing strategic goals and action plans.

Our Project management expertise covers all stages of a project life cycle. We support project preparation, tender evaluation, project assessment and auditing. We provide strategic planning to incorporate clients� expectations into project definition. Our project management experience includes successful completion of numerous large-scale international projects where we managed multiple international subcontractors.

We offer wide spectrum of consultancy and training services related to Engineering, Petroleum, Oil & Gas Industries. We provide methodology and project support, independent reviews and development of methodologies to address the needs of our clients.

Our market is worldwide, and our passion for our mission will drive us to meet the existing, and growing, needs of the various industries with new and innovative delivery methods. We have much to accomplish and much to learn. As our organization continues to grow, we look forward to a continued and growing relationship with our petroleum industry clients and worldwide partners.

PACE offers you a broad range of individual consulting- and training programs and methods, which are perfectly suited to your company strategy. In close cooperation with the specialists and managers of your company we develop visions, strategies and solutions for successful corporate and personnel development. For the efficient education and development of your employees we offer specific training, transfer and coaching programs. Training and development includes:

Management & Leadership

Strategy, Planning & Project Management

Finance & Accounting

Contracts, Material & Logistics

Human Resources & Training

Quality & Productivity

Customer Service, Media & PR

Sales & Marketing

Information Technology

Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Engineering & Industrial

Petroleum, Oil & Gas

Certified Courses & Diplomas

PACE Consortium / Affiliates
Path Finder, Inc. � New Jersey, USA
Path Finder Inc. is a totally independent project management consulting firm specializing in project planning and execution in the International Oil, Chemical, Petrochemical, Pharmaceutical, Power, Food/Beverage and Metals and Mining industries throughout the world. Services cover all aspects of project planning and execution, from strategic planning to start-up, from concept to production.
Path Finder�s experience and expertise can generate a capital cost savings of up to 30 percent on many new or retrofit small to mega-scale projects, as well as similar savings on routine outages to large, complex turnaround projects.
Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. � Michigan, USA
Six Sigma Professionals, Inc. (SSPI) is a business and technology development company specializes in synergistic combination of strategic planning and technical leadership in continuous process improvement so clients supersede their objectives.
The Hoshin planning (policy deployment) enables clients to align their leadership, management and technical initiatives program with the mission, breakthrough and annual objectives of the their organization. SSPI provides consulting, mentoring, training and full deployment expertise for all aspects of Design for lean Six Sigma, Six Sigma, Lean Six Sigma, Computer-Aided Quality and Reliability, and Lean manufacturing.
Training International � Kent, UK
Training International Ltd specialize in the design and delivery of interactive, innovative, bespoke training solutions to a wide range of businesses internationally. With an impressive range of over 500 soft skills and financial skills subjects to choose from, Training International can help your business develop into a sector leader. Our main aim is to ensure learning is transferred into the workplace, which means real return on your investment. Training International have designed and delivered training courses for junior staff through to senior management in multinational companies through to small businesses. No matter what size your organization we can help you with a wide range of subjects from sales training, management training, customer service training, HR training to financial training.
Pachter & Associates � New Jersey, USA
Pachter & Associates training services empower people to communicate more effectively, work more productively, and enhance their professional presence.
One of the world's leading experts on business management and communications, Barbara Pachter shares her knowledge through seminars, keynote speaking, executive coaching and various print and digital resources including an e-newsletter and 9 business books covering everything from office tips to assertive communication.
One of the world's leading experts on business management and communications, Barbara Pachter shares her knowledge through seminars, keynote speaking, executive coaching and various print and digital resources including an e-newsletter and 9 business books covering everything from office tips to assertive communication.
Barbara Pachter and her advice on business management and communications is frequently featured in newspapers, websites, newsletters, magazines, or on radio and TV.
Blueprintpcm � London, UK
The Blueprint PCM team has extensive experience in a number of public and private commercial sectors. With strategic and operation delivery of projects across sectors including construction, telecommunications, retail, financial services, healthcare, engineering and world aid projects. Including the design, development and project management of large or small projects, by adopting a unique mentoring mechanism to enhance delivery with clients and ensure appropriate methodologies are implemented.
The passed 14 years, BLUEPRINTPCM have been involved in a number of initiatives with clients across the globe. With increasingly pressure to be in the forefront of development and ahead of the game. BLUEPRINTPCM Ltd has launched a series of new dynamic concepts. These concepts are formed from a foundation of key, skills, competencies and knowledge areas which have been capitalized, utilized and provided the opportunity for BLUEPRINTPCM to become a key integral part of organizational development, business growth.
PACE Consortium / Affiliates Members
Mrs. Barbara Pachter (USA)
Mr. Steven Cabano (USA)
Mrs. Tracy Bedwell (UK)
Mr. Kully Kalon (UK)
Dr. Basem Haik (USA)
Mr. Edward Alnakoula (Dubai)
Good luck with your training plans and remember, we are here to help you �..
PLEASE contact us if you are a potential client wondering if we can help you or if you are a potential partner wondering about a potential partnership.
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